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About Ownseas

Ownseas is not merely a manufacturing supplier, it is also a significant portion of customers' competitiveness and growing strategy.

What we boast: 
Premium supply mode combining design, development, manufacture and marketing;
Varied product line & innovation capability to meet ever changing market demand;
18 yrs industry experience in promotional stationery and high-caliber team;

What we can bring to you:
High-level quality, stable prices and second-to-none supply ability;
6-8 new models originally designed by Ownseas each year;
Professional & high-efficiency collaboration and customized, value-added services;

What we are doing:
Fast supply of new products(5 days for a MOQ of 200 pcs) helps customers tap new market opportunities quickly;
Free & fast samples for regular customers, assisting them to snatch new business;
Customers benefit from swift capital turnaround as a result of our shortened cycle time.

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Tel: 0086-571-6422 4339 / 6422 0418 Fax: 0086-571-64224249 Email: sales@ownseas.com